chef's profle



1985 born in Lisbon, Portugal

2005 enter Lusiada University-Architectural course

2007 first time to Japan as a volunteer

meet a woman who will be wife/business partner in the future

2008 drop out of the university

move to Japan

training at Tribekiya(Osaka)

2010 「Lisboa」open

Gonçalo Dias(Portuguese writer)had a interview

The Creative Mind

José Sousa Botelho is the creative mind who developed the ambitious project of bringing Portugal to Japan in all his gastronomic splendour. Inspired by the same entrepreneurship of the Portuguese from the XVI century, the young Chef saw in the city of Osaka a great opportunity to open a restaurant exclusively dedicated to the harmony and balance of both cultures. One place that reveals the Chef passion for his country, being the stage to numerous and innovative experiences that are highly demanding in his gastronomic execution.
Born in the 22nd of March in 1985, the unflagging will of knowing new horizons rapidly manifested in this young Chef. His main desire always was to diagnose new realities and his trip to Japan in 2008 was pretty much inevitable. José Sousa Botelho was an architecture student in Lisbon Lusíada university when he travelled to Japan as the leader of a Portuguese children’s delegation, representing the CISV (Children International Summer Village.
José Sousa Botelho authenticity and Japan imaginary intimacy was instantaneous and completely natural. Today the Chef is completing his 11th year living in Osaka, Japan. He speaks fluent Japanese and has a loving family that encourages him and inspire him in his creative endeavours, producing dishes that more than simple meals represent stories full of trailblazer chapters, every single one of them able to communicate the essence of both nations already linked by a historic friendship.

Personal Philosophy

José Sousa Botelho characterizes himself as an extremely demanding individual in all his cooking procedures. Beyond his creative efforts in the menu’s conceptualization, we must highlight other features such as the attention to detail in his product selection and the briefing that he gives to his customers about the food he prepares.
The Chef vision consists of displaying the gigantic and deep universe of Portuguese flavours, deconstructing the myths that deeply limit all the Portuguese gastronomic intentness abroad, where the traditional and typical dishes are overwhelming and badly executed most of the times. The same way, for example, Nippon cuisine is caricatured as a county of only sushi, tempura and sashimi in the west.
A filosofia pessoal do chefe assenta em valores sólidos que servem de alicerces à sua missão de selecionar produtos de qualidade ímpar e de proporcionar experiências memoráveis através da forma cuidada com que relaciona os pratos confecionados com os vinhos portugueses presentes na adega do restaurante.
The Chef personal philosophy settles in some core values that are the foundation to his mission of picking only the best products and providing memorable experiences. All possible because his carefully ways of how to harmonize both his dishes and the Portuguese wines that are in the restaurant cellar.
This resilience of letting everybody, that enters his restaurant, know a whole and endless gastronomic universe made José Sousa Botelho a very familiar name in Osaka, having customers that go to his restaurants in a daily basis that strongly recommend his restaurant.

Creativity & Innovation

We can effortlessly publish the chef secret to his technical growth. The reason behind his development is his ceaseless will of continuously learning and challenge himself. José Sousa Botelho is both a student and a self-thought that is always striving for more knowledge.
The Chef is also interested in learning with the current best chefs in the world in all different types of cuisines. His career began as a comis in Tribekiya a typical Japanese restaurant, but he immediately showed his worth, working his way up to Masami Kawata, chef and owner, sous chef. In 2013 he was in one of the most prestigious, important and internationally recognised Gourmet Festivals. He improved his skills and gained more expertise while sharing his with the best chefs in the world. More than 60 Michellin stars were gathered in just that event.
If this knowledge of the outside world comes from a permanent attention and from a genuine, insatiable interest in the world, knowledge of the Chef inner selve is based on a constant process of self-observation and questioning, another essential characteristic in his gastronomic essence.
Something that easily can be promised in the Chef methodology is the fact that he can surprise your palate everytime.

to be continued….