April´s menu: Firefly Squid, Nanohana, Takana and wasabi Flower

Firefly Squid is mysterious creature shrouded in many riddles emitting pale light from the whole body. Spawned in spring ending its year-long life. Distributed the waters around this country centring in the Japan Sea and normally in the deep sea as deep as 200 to 600 meters.

Assemble near the beaches of Toyama Bay when spring comes around. Lights emitted to the ocean surface by firefly squid are beautiful as gem stones.

The Chef decided to take advantage of the current season to associate the firefly squid in his Xérem, that way he can get the resemblance to the typical Portuguese flavour to cuttlefish, very common in Algarve recipe. Sautéed in pork grease and finished in butter, the Chef tried to respect the original will of the dish that was combining both the land and the sea. This balance produced a well deserving dish of Portuguese tradition and spring food trends in Japan.

The other ingredients that close this gastronomic inventiveness, is a blend of three seasonable herbs:

  • Nanohana, one of the oldest cultivated vegetables in Japan<
  • Takana, made from pickled mustard leaf, and is mildly spicy and crunchy.
  • Wasabi flowers

These herbs are fermented in Moorish salt also of the season in order to bring the desired salinity to the dish

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April´s Menu: Xérem

Xérem is a typical and well-known dish for both Brazilians and Capeverdians, but its roots come all the way from Portugal.

Accordingly, to historic documentation, Xérem is a typical dish that was brought to Brazil and Cabo Verde by the Portuguese colonizers. Xérem today, in these 3 countries is a traditional dish that consists of one type of mash made of cornflower that can be accompanied by different and characteristic delicacies of each of these three countries. Its tradition to eat Xérem in Northeast (Nordeste) region in Brazil and they usually eat it with some pork ribs.

In many of the islands of Cabo Verde Xérem feasting can be very emphasized, in Ilha Brava (one of the islands) there’s even a festivity in June dedicated to this specific dish. 

In Portugal, Xérem is considered a typical dish from Algarve, more precisely from Olhão. Being a part of the mashes family, that end up representing the true essence of the gastronomic history of Algarve. In this April´s menu, the Chef tried to recreate one of the most familiar dishes back in Portugal combining some seasonal Japanese ingredients.

Want to know more, why you don’t come and try and then give us your review.

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Mediterranean Menu

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