Personal Philosophy

José Sousa Botelho characterizes himself as an extremely demanding individual in all his cooking procedures. Beyond his creative efforts in the menu’s conceptualization, we must highlight other features such as the attention to detail in his product selection and the briefing that he gives to his customers about the food he prepares.

The Chef vision consists of displaying the gigantic and deep universe of Portuguese flavours, deconstructing the myths that deeply limit all the Portuguese gastronomic intentness abroad, where the traditional and typical dishes are overwhelming and badly executed most of the times. The same way, for example, Nippon cuisine is caricatured as a county of only sushi, tempura and sashimi in the west.

A filosofia pessoal do chefe assenta em valores sólidos que servem de alicerces à sua missão de selecionar produtos de qualidade ímpar e de proporcionar experiências memoráveis através da forma cuidada com que relaciona os pratos confecionados com os vinhos portugueses presentes na adega do restaurante.

The Chef personal philosophy settles in some core values that are the foundation to his mission of picking only the best products and providing memorable experiences. All possible because his carefully ways of how to harmonize both his dishes and the Portuguese wines that are in the restaurant cellar.

This resilience of letting everybody, that enters his restaurant, know a whole and endless gastronomic universe made José Sousa Botelho a very familiar name in Osaka, having customers that go to his restaurants in a daily basis that strongly recommend his restaurant.